Free diving is an incredible way of enhancing strong values and images: PERFORMANCE, AESTHETICS, ENERGY-SAVING TECHNIQUES, FLUIDITY, ECO-FRIENDLINESS, PURITY, etc. Guillaume embodies all these values in his approach to free diving.

Guillaume's achievements and image are an endless source of inspiration for brands.

The MARILYN agency, one of the most prestigious modelling and celebrity agency in France, has been managing Guillaume's image and branding since 2009.
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They used Guillaume's picture for an advertising campaign:

  • Nouvelle campagne pour la marque de montre Ball Watch dont Guillaume est l'ambassadeur
  • New advert for  Johny Walker.
    Johny Walker
  • Free Fall used for a promotion campaign by Hyundai in South Korea
    Hyundai - Guillaume Nery
  • Guillaume Néry, underwater model for BMW Efficient Dynamics
  • Biotherm announce the new face of Aquapower, Guillaume Néry

  • Nissan COP 21