-124m, NEW RECORD FOR FRANCE! - 2013|06|17

When I dove down to -124m on the 2nd day of the MED CUP 2013, I beat my personal record for France and just missed Alexey Molchanov's World Record by 2 metres. On the last day of the competition, I came very close to -127m, but unfortunately failed. After having reached the required depth and bringing the tag back up to the surface, I blacked out shortly after getting my breath back. Although I was hugely disappointed and emotional after such a failure, my 2 French Mafia comrades managed their dive. -90m for Rémy Dubern and an impressive -81m for Alice Modolo who, during the competition, beat her 3rd record for France and therefore managed to get in to the closed-access women's club for over 80m! Thank you all for your support, it was an extraordinary experience! Next, training resumes to prepare for the world championships, held from 15 to 22 September in Kalamata in Greece, where I have a World Champion title to defend!

here is a short video, filmed during my decompression after reaching -124m, nothing like an improvised dance to celebrate! Filmed by Daan Verhoeven!