My world

To dive ever deeper and always keep my energy levels high for my projects, I endeavour to cultivate my personal universe, my world in which I can delve to find my necessary resources and daily inspiration. First of all, I have my partner Julie Gautier, with whom I have been sharing my life and passion for the sea for many years now, and of course our little girl,Maï-Lou. We share the same life philosophy, revolving around artistic projects, travelling and a profound love of nature.

When I'm not deep diving, I'm higher up, in the mountains surrounding Nice, which provide me with infinite energy. I owe this love for big open spaces to my parents, who imparted their readiness for personal effort and their love for the mountains upon me when I was a child. I find my personal balance in the verticality of my extreme efforts.

I also love travelling across the land, to discover new and faraway countries. This thirst for travelling the world comes from my childhood love for Tintin. As I didn't have the opportunity to travel much when I was a child, free diving gave me the chance to discover the hidden corners of our planet.

When I finally take the time to relax, I let my thoughts and gaze wonder across the immensity of the universe surrounding us, which only reminds me how small and insignificant we are in this big maze. I like getting carried away listening to Bjork's musical energy, delving into one of Barjavel's stories (La Faim du Tigre) or one of Leo's comic books (Worlds of Aldebaran), or losing myself in a Dany Boyle film (Sunshine - Slumdog Millionnaire). I also have a passion for photography, and love stopping to capture a living moment.