As I reminded in episode 1, there are 3 factors that can help optimise performance :  your body, your mind and the environment. For this -118m dive, it was the environment's turn to show me what it was capable of. Once the anchorage buoy had disappeared, we go drift diving. The wind and current are still perceptible. The boat glides along the surface, and the cable, submerged 188m underwater follows the boat's movement but maintains a certain momentum. I therefore dive down, following the angled cable, into the blue depths of the sea. There is nothing more complicated for a deep diver, whose main concern is to remain vertically stable, than fully concentrating on undulation, equalisation and relaxation movements. Despite all this, I dive underwater, armed only with the lucidity that will allow me to stop before reaching the bottom if necessary.

I could have done with being more relaxed and making fewer equalisation mistakes, but as I was so concentrated on my trajectory, I reached the bottom. The return on the other hand was practically perfect, which comforted me in my choice of fin.

I broke the surface with a big smile on my face, which was quickly wiped away when I saw that my depth meter was only displaying 115 metres, i.e. 3 metres less that my target. I quickly understood that the cable's slanted position meant that the distance covered was indeed 118m, but the depth was not.

On the one hand, I can be pleased to have accomplished such a deep dive in the worst possible conditions, and still have returned to the surface smiling. But on the other, when analysing my body's adaptation to the depth, I realised that I had failed and only added one tiny meter to my 2 previous dives.

I then had to start thinking about my announced performance for the next dive, scheduled for Sunday. The decision was made both individually and collectively over the next few hours, and a final choice was made the next evening. The decision-making process will appear in tomorrow's EPISODE 7. In the meantime, as you are getting to know me quite well, I'll let you post your opinions on what you think would be the right choice for me on Sunday.

See you tomorrow ! 

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