Yesterday, I was considering going down to -114m again, as I wasn't satisfied with the previous dive's descent or ascent. My goal was to perfectly complete at least one of the 2 parts of the dive, as full success was still too ambitious for this stage of my preparation. Mission accomplished. Returning to the surface with my old "made in Oleg" fin made me so happy. I had finally managed to rekindle the state of osmosis I had been longing for during my last dives.

The descent was still full of technical equalisation errors, which I was becoming more and more able to identify, and I knew it could still be perfected.

The optimist inside me would say that it's a good sign to still be able to dive down to -114m despite a few mistakes.

The realist inside me would answer that if I ever wanted to attempt deeper that -120m, no errors could be made.

But, being an optimist, I concluded that I still had a few chances to sort out any issues faced in the past, which I managed to solve with brio (who's that ? ), and that all in all I was making a lot of progress.

What's the key to success for my next dives ?  Manage to just let go and calm the whirlwind of thoughts rushing through my mind during the descent. During my meditation sessions, we try to calm the mind by observing its activity without zooming in our thoughts and without any sort of judgement or analysis. We generally focus on something specific, like our breathing, our heartbeat, an object, a concept or just a sense (our hearing for example). The feeling of deep inner peace is like freeing ourselves from our enslavement to our own all-powerful mind.

When practising free diving, I always found it was like a sort of vertical meditation. From a geographic point of view, we move towards to the centre of the Earth, aiming for its core. The cold from the chasm cools the body, its metabolism and its heartbeats down. Sunlight fades out into the open mass of water, leaving a soothing darkness in its wake. The pressure compresses the body and pushes its tissues towards its core. All elements converge towards a same point. By body becomes celestial and exerts its gravity on my thoughts. I let go and give in to the inner voyage.

Easier said than done. For the first 4 dives, all this didn't quite happen as expected, my thoughts were too focused on a still too approximate technique and could not settle down. The challenge was then this :  to establish a boundary between my concentration and my tense posture. Tomorrow I will be announcing -118m. Watch this space...

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