114m, my objective for tomorrow. I really love this first 114m was in Greece too in 2010, in Kalamata, for the 3rd MED CUP. It remains one of my reference dives, it was perfect from start to finish. Then, last year in Mirtos, just after completing a 110m dive, I did another fantastic 114m one. Three months later, World Championships in Nice, 114m, during training and for the official competition, where I achieved my best ever performance in constant weight for a teams world championship. Finally, the traditional 110 - 114m descent led to great success at the Vertical Blue competition in the Bahamas in November 2012, with 3 world records for France (118m, 121m and 123m).

On the one hand, this dive tomorrow is extremely motivating, encouraging and full of positive energy thanks to my previous successes. You need as much confidence as possible to go in with a smile. On the other hand, the danger lies in being too sure about your announced performance, leading to excessive confidence and a lack of concentration.

Being positive and enthusiastic is good, but you also need to remain alert, as this will allow you to reach the 120m hurdle.

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